August 2020- Oct 2020

Initiated the services of providing palliative care to the patients in Delhi and NCR. We conducted awareness camps in the area of Okhla region, Delhi to generate awareness about various chronic illnesses and palliative care. Our team provided home-based care to patients suffering from cancer and non cancer conditions including Covid care at home .

Pal care Foundation got the privilege to collaborate with Ansari Hospital for admission of patients who require management in the hospital and with Ujala Cygnus hospitals for management of any condition at a reasonable cost.





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Nov 2020- Feb 2021

Pal Care Foundation continue the services at home and at the hospital for those in need. We raise funds to donate smartphones in order to ensure continuity of education for students of of Jammu and Kashmir astrolis as well as students of Karnataka. Our member Dr wajahat conducted poster competition for the young cancer warriors and survivors in the valley on the occasion of world cancer day. We set up the first ever Tele-Health Pal Care Clinic in Delhi to ensure continuity of essential palliative and basic medical services to the patients.



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March 2021- August 2021

As we move through the unprecedented crisis, we faced the second wave of covid-19 which led to the  huge demand of essential medicines and oxygen concentrators across the country. Pal Care Foundation raised funds funds to donate 8 oxygen concentrators and masks, sanitizer as well as essential medicines to Jammu and Kashmir. We also raised funds to donate food kits to the people of slum areas of Delhi and the trans community affected due to covid in Chennai.

Pal Care Foundation has collaborated with Lakshya Jeevan jagriti to continue to support the people in need based on our area of work and our capacities.




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